Principal’s message

 Principal’s message

Soka Kindergarten is founded based on the mission of promoting humanistic education. Standing at the forefront of early childhood education, I promise to collaborate with the staff to regard “children’s happiness" as our responsibility, and exert our utmost to nurture children becoming capable persons . I pledge to collaborate with parents and assist the children in developing their potentials to the fullest.





Early Childhood Education Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) Early Childhood Education
  • Certificate for Kindergarten Principals


Other qualifications 

  • Nurturing The Gifted And Talented(NGAT) Class 7
  • Grasshopper Scout Basic Course
  • Grasshopper Scout Fundamentals and Leadership Training  Course
  • 量身教育國際國際研究會第三屆繪畫分析證書   
  • Certificate in professional Development Programme on Catering for Diverse Needs of Young Children 
  • Professional Diploma in Parent Education
  • Certificate of Completion The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


Public Duty

Kowloon City District Kindergarten Heads Association

3rd Executive Committee Member