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About Soka Kindergarten

Hong Kong Soka Gakkai International, founding organization, stresses the importance of promotion of education. In 1990, after the demolition of the self-owned property at No. 4 Moray Road in Kowloon Tong, Soka Kindergarten was built to contribute to Hong Kong’s early childhood education.


Hong Kong Soka Kindergarten is a registered non-profit-making kindergarten founded in 1992. Founder President Daisaku Ikeda emphasizes, “Children are the envoys of the future and the masters of the future of humankind.” With this spirit, our teachers and staff respect children’s personalities and are committed to develop their infinite potential to the fullest.


Hong Kong Soka Kindergarten is founded based on the mission of promoting humanistic education. We believe the uniqueness of every child and their potential. We hope to establish a joyful, open and diversified learning environment. At the same time, we provide a comprehensive and balanced curriculum for their development. We aim to assist the children in developing their innate potential, and nurture the children to exert their potential so to become capable persons through creating values thus making contributions to the society.


" To be strong, righteous and pleasant".


  1. to nurture children to be pure-hearted and healthy
  2. to nurture children to be independent and strong
  3. to nurture children to be outgoing and mutually respect others
  4. to value childrens’ unique personalities and nurture their noble ethical value
  5. to nurture children filled with hopes and visions for the future

School Category

  • Non-profit making kindergarten 
  • Our kindergarten is a participant under the Education Bureau’s “Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme”.
  • Co-educational

Total number of students

Total number of students: 652